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Rankun Technology Vacuum Equipment Solution-Lithium Battery Production Process

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2023-12-14 17:02

Rankun Technology Vacuum Equipment Solution-Lithium Battery Production Process

Author: Ran Kun Technology


Lithium-ion batteries include not only soft-packed pouch batteries, but also cylindrical or square cylindrical hard shell packaging. In view of different shell materials, the production processes of the two are different. The main production involves pole piece manufacturing, battery cell assembly and battery finishing.


Lithium battery production process

(The red dot is the vacuum application point)


In order to meet customer needs, improve the use of vacuum units in the production of lithium batteries. Our company adopts a new chemical process concept, designing gas-liquid separation, using polymer filters, etc., to completely solve the vacuum system with a large amount of residual electrolyte, which can damage the vacuum equipment, increase the service life of the equipment, and provide customers with a solid guarantee for product quality. .


The following forms of vacuum system provide customized services according to the needs of lithium battery production, and have targeted unit products for different processes.


Ran Kun Technology Lithium Battery Application Vacuum Unit

Stirring, pole piece manufacturing


The process gas is mixed with positive electrode material powder, positive electrode solvent and negative electrode material powder. The front-end buffer tank is used to make the gas into the pump have a cyclone separation effect, and most of the process impurities are separated in the buffer tank. The polymer filter is used again before entering the pump, which greatly prevents impurities from entering the pump body.
Vacuum degree: <80KPa~90KPa


Ran Kun Vacuum Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

Vacuum drying, lamination, welding, packaging and assembly


Water ring pump and front-end buffer tank structure are adopted, which is more suitable for production line working conditions.
Vacuum degree: <80KPa


Ran Kun Vacuum Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

Liquid injection, formation, degassing


The front-end buffer tank and filter structure, the rear-end recovery tank, and the condenser structure effectively reduce the entry of impurities into the pump body and the direct discharge of solvents into the atmosphere.
Vacuum degree: <95KPa~98KPa


Ran Kun Vacuum Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.



Vacuum pump product selection

Dry screw vacuum pump

The dry screw pump is used in the field working conditions. With its unique structural characteristics, it can achieve a better vacuum degree and adapt to the harsh working conditions.

---Pumping speed: 162~4320m³/h

---Ultimate pressure: <1mbar

---Dry and oil-free

---Multiple layers, adapt to a variety of working conditions


Roots vacuum pump

In modern industrial applications, Roots pumps can not only provide high pumping speed and the best ultimate pressure, but also have the highest safety performance.

----Pumping speed: 252~9000m³/h

----Flange or sealed motor

----Excellent performance and low energy consumption


Liquid ring vacuum pump

In the application of vacuum pumps, liquid ring pumps can be applied to a variety of harsh working conditions, low cost and other advantages, and are favored by customers.

---Pumping speed: 27~500m³/h

---Circulating medium: water and other liquids

---Low cost, suitable for various bad working conditions


ReM series screw pump body parameters



ReM series Roots pump parameters


ReM series liquid ring pump parameters


ReM series vacuum unit selection

The ReM series vacuum unit can provide customized design services for the vacuum unit according to the display working conditions and customer production line requirements. Customers do not need to design and manufacture their own equipment.

Just follow the following selection table and provide the required process parameters of the equipment.


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