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On June 20-22, 2017, "2017 World Pharmaceutical Machinery, Packaging Equipment and Materials China Exhibition" (P-MEC & InnoPack) once again joined hands with "World Pharmaceutical Raw Materials China Exhibition" (CPhI China 2017) and "World Biochemical and Analytical Instruments" "Lab World China 2017" (LABWorld China 2017) was grandly held at the Shanghai New International Expo Center. By then, the total exhibition area will reach 140,000 square meters, and it will be an unprecedented scale exhibition.

Rankun Vacuum will participate in the exhibition as scheduled. This time, our booth is 24 square meters, and the booth number is N3A65. The participating team is composed of company leaders, all sales managers, technical support personnel, etc. The prototype LKC variable pitch dry screw vacuum pump and LKV dry screw vacuum pump series products planned to be exhibited. Welcome new and old customers to visit the booth for guidance!

The variable-pitch dry screw vacuum pump has fast pumping speed in the high-pressure section, low operating power, energy saving, emission reduction, low noise, and cost saving. Variable-pitch dry screw vacuum pumps are widely used in semiconductor, solar energy, coating, pharmaceutical and other industries.

At present, the development of various vacuum pumps is increasingly affected by vacuum applications. General vacuum systems cannot meet the requirements of clean, oil-free and corrosion resistance. Therefore, in recent years, the market for dry-type variable-pitch vacuum pumps is in great demand, and vacuum products have been updated. In the situation of replacement, a large number of oil-free vacuum systems have been replaced by oil-free and clean vacuum systems. Almost every large vacuum company abroad produces a variety of different types of dry vacuum pumps. Variable-pitch screw vacuum pumps are non-contact dry pumps and are an ideal pump type that has appeared in the past two years. Its pumping speed range The advantages of wide, simple and compact structure, no friction, long life, low energy consumption, and no oil pollution can be widely used.

I wish the Rankun Vacuum Shanghai Exhibition a complete success!

A Rename notice 2020-12-09 09:55:32.000

Dear Customer:

We are very honored to inform you that, due to the integration of advantageous resources and the needs of company development, Ruiwu Industrial Equipment (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. has officially changed its name to Rankun Vacuum Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.; we are committed to becoming a Chinese region integrating sales, system integration, After-sales service is a professional supplier of vacuum equipment and solutions.

In the next few months, our products, printed materials, and online materials will adopt the new company name and logo, and will gradually provide you with detailed information in the future.

The name change does not affect our existing orders and various business operations. We will continue to implement all the tasks in your business, and fulfill the promises of various technical projects and contracts in cooperation with you; your contact person will also remain unchanged, and we will be happy to answer any questions for you;

If it causes you any inconvenience, please understand! Your needs are our mission. We look forward to further cooperation with you and become your preferred partner in the vacuum field.


On December 10, 2016, the vacuum system of the solvent dehydration membrane permeation device with an annual output of 3000 tons/year developed by Rankun Vacuum Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. was formally checked and accepted at the customer site and put into use. The overview is as follows:

Main performance parameters: vacuum degree 1000Pa, pumping speed 600L/S;

Equipment function: Removal of water from various solvents;

Processing capacity: Take ethanol as an example, 3000-4000 tons/year;

Treatment effect: 90-99.5%;

Applicable systems: ethanol, isopropanol, tert-butanol, acetone, etc.;

Dehydration amount: 0.2~1.0L/m2.h, separation coefficient 3000-10000;

Equipment composition: Roots vacuum pump

, RMD dry screw vacuum pump

Heat exchange silencer

Inter-stage collectors

Nitrogen purge device

Instrumentation and control system, etc.;

Project consumption: -5℃ glycol refrigerant, 10L/min


1. The technology introduction and industrialization of the gradual variable-pitch screw vacuum pump is a customized vacuum system;

Rankun Vacuum has been able to provide mature, reliable and corrosion-resistant screw vacuum pumps and customized systems in many fields such as medicine, chemical industry, polyester, and new semiconductor materials based on its own exploration in my country's vacuum market.

The operation of the R&D and manufacturing center will enhance our ability to provide customers with more scientific and systematic solutions. We will understand each specific customer requirement systematically and in detail based on the early stage, and correctly identify the corresponding vacuum system requirements. Under the premise of continuous and smooth communication, we constantly improve our understanding of customer needs, so as to do our best to give customers excellent system suggestions and solutions. Strive to let every customer of our company get "tailor-made" products and services from us.

The establishment of this R&D and manufacturing center is the core component to complete the above tasks. We hope that with the continuous efforts of our team, we can provide better vacuum system customization services.

 Please look forward to!

The research and development of the variable-pitch dry screw vacuum pump will also be gradually put on the agenda with our continuous efforts. We look forward to providing our customers and the Chinese market with stable, 100% localized screw vacuum pump technology that is more suitable and can meet the needs of various industries in the near future.

2. Continuous improvement of services

Establishing a stable and sustainable pre-sales, in-sales, and after-sales service system is the biggest problem in ensuring client applications. The establishment of the R&D and manufacturing center will provide reliable technical solutions and system manufacturing while working to solve and guarantee various potential application problems of the client.

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