3000 tons/year solvent dehydration membrane permeation device vacuum system put into operation

Release time:

2023-12-14 17:19

On December 10, 2016, the vacuum system of the solvent dehydration membrane permeation device with an annual output of 3000 tons/year developed by Rankun Vacuum Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. was formally checked and accepted at the customer site and put into use. The overview is as follows:

Main performance parameters: vacuum degree 1000Pa, pumping speed 600L/S;

Equipment function: Removal of water from various solvents;

Processing capacity: Take ethanol as an example, 3000-4000 tons/year;

Treatment effect: 90-99.5%;

Applicable systems: ethanol, isopropanol, tert-butanol, acetone, etc.;

Dehydration amount: 0.2~1.0L/m2.h, separation coefficient 3000-10000;

Equipment composition: Roots vacuum pump

, RMD dry screw vacuum pump

Heat exchange silencer

Inter-stage collectors

Nitrogen purge device

Instrumentation and control system, etc.;

Project consumption: -5℃ ethylene glycol refrigerant, 10L/min

4-5bar nitrogen, 30L/min

Electricity 16.2kW;

Dimensions: 2.5m×2.2m×3.5m;

Weight: 1.5 tons.