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Summary of vacuum applications-vacuum actually involves all aspects of your life!

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2023-12-14 17:02

Summary of vacuum applications-vacuum actually involves all aspects of your life!

Author: Ran Kun Technology


Rankun Technology is here to share the common experience of vacuum application with the judges, so that interested friends can have a general understanding of vacuum, and at the same time see what vacuum is used in places that we don't know?


What exactly is a vacuum? In many cases, vacuum specifically refers to a pressure environment below atmospheric pressure. So what exactly does the vacuum do? Common vacuum food packaging, due to the lack of oxygen in the packaging, can effectively reduce the probability and speed of food spoilage. What can often be thought of is the application of vacuum in the aerospace industry, such as simulating the cosmic environment, conducting experiments on personnel and equipment, and so on. Third, in daily life, one may also think of the vacuum application in clinical medicine for fluid suction, sputum suction, and fetal suction during surgery. 


But are vacuum applications limited to this? In fact, vacuum applications involve all aspects of our lives, from building materials, domestic hot water, food processing, to the production of various chemicals, pharmaceutical preparation, and electronic product production. In a vacuum environment, materials have physical and chemical properties that are different from those under normal pressure, which creates a wide range of vacuum applications. At the same time, you will find that under vacuum applications, traditional processes can usually be added with high efficiency, low consumption, and emission reduction. Forward label. 


Rankun Technology is a professional vacuum device R&D, manufacturing and service provider. List many years of practical vacuum application experience, and list some practical application cases in the table below. For your reference. In fact, you will find that vacuum touches every aspect of your life.


Serial number



Product Features



Environmental simulation;
satellite surface charged simulation;

Cosmic space simulation and training. In
order to prevent the unevenness of the medium on the surface of satellites and aircraft, we provide corresponding point simulation experiments. Ran Kun customizes a special vacuum unit for the satellite container, which can quickly and stably reach the application vacuum level to facilitate the factory. Such experiments.


Food packaging

Vacuum freeze-drying;

Freeze the food directly, and then directly dry it at low temperature to directly increase the moisture. The biological characteristics of the product after freeze-drying are basically unchanged, which is convenient for recovery.


Surface treatment

Vacuum coating

Optics: a coating process for specific wavelength absorption, which can be used for lasers, telescopes, and building exterior windows.
Electrical: chromium film coating,
display on electronic components. Instruments: transparent conductive film,
superconducting film, and beads for inertial confinement reactions.
Super hard film used for coating tools and molds



Vacuum metallurgy;
steelmaking degassing;

Vacuum distillation, vacuum separation, vacuum degassing, vacuum casting, vacuum sintering, vacuum heat treatment, vacuum brazing, etc.

Ran Kun provides vacuum degassing (VD) and vacuum oxygen blowing in the process of steelmaking degassing, that is, the secondary refining of molten steel. Decarburization (VOD) unit. Using Rankun dry mechanical vacuum unit, compared with traditional steam injection & liquid ring unit, it has multiple features such as low operating cost, low maintenance cost, small footprint, high speed, high productivity, simple smoke and dust treatment, and less waste discharge. At the same time, additional vacuum electric arc furnace heating degassing (VAD) and vacuum induction heating degassing (VID) vacuum units are also introduced to meet different degassing needs



Vacuum transportation, suction, lifting;

mainly for the application of differential pressure

Vacuum feeding: Mainly used in powder material products;
rapid drying of cement floors and roads.
Medicine: sputum suction, accumulating water, agriculture, and fetal suction.
Vacuum suction: suction of damaged materials, no vibration, easy maintenance, safe and reliable
vacuum Modeling: three-dimensional maps, blind books, numerical models, etc.
Vacuum mechanics:
vacuum filtration: the suspension is separated by a filter membrane;
vacuum immersion: the target is vacuumed first, and then immersed in a specific liquid to change the performance of the object from inferior quality Transform into a high-quality purpose


People's livelihood

Vacuum hot water filtration

Steam is obtained earlier through negative pressure, so that the water is heated by the heat of vaporization, and finally the purpose of heating the water is achieved.


Chemical industry

Gas transportation;
gas compression;
vacuum filtration;
vacuum distillation;
vacuum drying;
reactor; etc.

Crude oil tower vacuum system; (high vacuum unit + compressor + H2S degasser + heating furnace (combustion as fuel))
solvent dewaxing; (wax oil cooling + filtration & solvent cleaning (vacuum environment + nitrogen protection) + Separation receiver (wax oil separation) + nitrogen recovery to the vacuum pump and recycling)
vacuum distillation tower; (Roots screw vacuum unit provides results for more stable, higher vacuum levels and reduced waste emissions)
torch energy recovery; (dry/ The liquid ring compressor absorbs the non-condensable steam in the vacuum tower + front-end particle filter device for non-condensable steam transportation and recycling)


Gas compression and delivery

Compression and delivery of flammable and explosive gases

The liquid ring compressor is used to compress and transport flammable and explosive gases, and the explosion experiment developed by connecting the front and back ends proves that the Rankun liquid ring compressor can effectively function as a flame elimination device.



central vacuum system for packaging/chuck;
drying; etc.

The central vacuum system and other conventional vacuum applications can be selected and configured according to the specific gas volume of the working conditions and the nature of the process medium to effectively meet the needs of the client;
vacuum filtration:
as a material filtration process, the negative pressure environment is established and the gas flow is driven The important device of the vacuum unit is widely used in the filtration process.
Among them, for the rotary vacuum filter, the liquid ring pump group can effectively adapt to the liquid phase components and liquid entrainment produced in the filtration. In addition, when the filter device fails, the Rankun liquid ring pump set can still maintain effective operation, and the working fluid can be used with any liquid that is compatible with the suction medium.



Hydrogen compressor unit;
Acetylene compressor unit;
Chlorine compressor unit;

Compression of corrosive media:
Rankun liquid ring compressors can achieve the compression function of different corrosive media through the use of different sealing fluids, and they are different from the process adaptation directly through expensive material changes, such as:
1. Concentrated Sulfuric acid is used as a working fluid for chlorine treatment;
2. Working oil is used for the compression of dry hydrogen chloride gas;
3. Water is used for the compression of carbon dioxide, sulfur dioxide, and hydrogen sulfide;


Wastewater and sewage treatment

Waste water bubbling and stirring;
filtering and backwashing;
wastewater degassing;



VOCs exhaust gas treatment

PSA pressure swing adsorption;
gas delivery;
spray module;



Coal industry

Methane Grooming

Methane is continuously produced in the coal mining process, and these gases are flammable and explosive gases that need to be continuously pumped out;
Ran Kun liquid ring vacuum unit can be sucked and compressed, and then sent to the boiler room for combustion. Typical lifting capacity is 4000CFM at 300~400mbar


Food industry

Salad oil deodorization;
mineral water degassing and iron removal;
canning industry;
tea and spice sterilization;
candy production;
sausage products;
ham products;
humidification of tobacco leaves;
sugar industry;
agricultural and sideline products processing;

The processing of food and daily necessities is related to all aspects of life;
vacuum applications can be classified and summarized as vacuum conveying & packaging, preservation & sex change & sterilization, evaporation & concentration & separation according to the three major applications.

Deodorization process: distillation/deodorization tower + vacuum unit (two-stage Roots unit + inter-electrode condenser) + cleaning device/steam generator
vacuum packaging and sterilization:
concentrated fruit and vegetable juice preparation unit (including evaporation device can be based on actual conditions The situation is used in combination with ultrafiltration and reverse osmosis filtration) 



VCM recovery;
extrusion degassing;
vacuum mixing;
vacuum forming;
vacuum extrusion;
vacuum molding;

VCM recycling: Vinyl chloride (VCM) is an important raw material in the plastics industry and is mainly used to produce polyvinyl chloride resin. It is also the main raw material for the production of adhesives, coatings, food packaging materials, and building materials. In the plastics industry, unreacted vinyl chloride monomer will produce a large amount of waste if it is not recycled. Rankun Technology has launched a corresponding functional unit for the recovery of vinyl chloride monomer. The combination of vacuum unit + gas storage device + compressor + liquid storage tank is operated as a complete unit, which can effectively connect the VCM exhaust gas at the back of the reactor and automatically carry out VCM recovery. .


Wood industry

Wood drying



Paper industry

Black liquor evaporation and recovery
coarse slurry washer;
lime mud and filter;
sediment filter;
vacuum dehydration;
raw material and white water degassing system; etc.

Ran Kun black liquor evaporator special vacuum unit;
coarse pulp washing machine can remove the cleaning liquid (black liquor) entrained with pulp chemicals from the raw materials, and can be used with the special vacuum unit of Ran Kun matching coarse pulp washing machine;
lime mud slurry The filter is used to recover the lime in the white water clarification process, and finally achieve the recycling function of the white water. It can be matched with the Rankun lime filter vacuum unit to effectively improve the stability of the lime cake formation; the
sediment filter is used to filter the non-combustible suspended particles , In order to help fully burn carbon particles, iron-containing compounds and insoluble furnace body fragments, and improve the quality of papermaking, it can be matched with Ran Kun sediment filter vacuum unit for mobile phone green liquor particles;
Ran Kun vacuum dehydration unit;
degassing It is very important in the papermaking process. Incomplete degassing will cause pores on the paper, which will affect the subsequent printing quality and use effect. Ran Kun's special white water degassing vacuum system can effectively deal with such problems


Power plant

Condenser vacuum;
fly ash transportation;
water diversion transportation;



Asbestos and gypsum industry




Ceramic industry

Brick products;
porcelain extrusion;
cement drying and degassing;


twenty one

electronics industry


There are many types of lithium battery vacuum applications, and the demand is large. With the outstanding development of multiple industries such as new energy vehicles and aerospace, the corresponding lithium battery market growth can be expected in the future. During the production of lithium batteries, Rankun Technology deliberately launched special vacuum units such as special vacuum feeding, vacuum stirring, and vacuum injection. At the same time, the application of new dry equipment has significant advantages such as low maintenance costs, low energy costs, and low waste emissions. Advantage. 

twenty two

Textile industry




From the above table, have you found that from the various ceramic cups you use daily to the clothes you wear, from the pills you buy in the hospital to the battery in your new energy vehicle, in fact, you can see vacuum applications in all aspects of your life. shadow. Vacuum has a wide range of applications in the production process of various chemicals and pharmaceutical products. At the same time, the development of new technologies will allow you to find that all the hot water devices around you can be covered with a vacuum coat to achieve the goal of more energy saving and less emissions. At the same time, mature product design will not increase your solid production investment. How many. 


In fact, many traditional crafts can be improved and developed according to actual conditions during the development process. Therefore, are there only so many examples of vacuum applications? Of course not. With the gradual progress of scientific research, there will be more and better application examples. For more cases from now on, Rankun Technology will promptly share with all judges.


If you look at this place, you may find that editors, as an equipment manufacturer, actually have a very wide range of research fields and there is a big difference between research in a single field. Therefore, the editors hope to see us more Share the things with everyone. Ran Kun was established in 2013. Since 2016, it has started the research and development of professional units for different industries and different processes, and has gradually expanded to the development and manufacturing of environmental protection devices. Ran Kun is inspiring to become an enterprise that truly does technology and promotes good products. Continuously provide you with better solutions through technology. Hope our efforts can be seen more by everyone!


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Thank you for your reading, and hope that your interest in various technologies can get a little help here. Next time, Ran Kun will introduce more user-friendly, useful and practical monomer application product introductions, and the summary of such applications will be released from time to time. See you next time!