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Rankun Technology-VOCs exhaust gas recovery products to help the motherland's great plan for "carbon neutrality"

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2023-12-14 17:02

Rankun Technology-VOCs exhaust gas recovery products to help the motherland's great plan for "carbon neutrality"

Author: Ran Kun Technology


With the rapid development of the industrial level, how to protect the environment and create a sustainable environment has become an increasingly important topic, and even a goal that cannot be ignored and must be completed. As a result, more and more stringent environmental protection policies have been produced, as well as more and more widespread environmental protection concepts, and the application and research of waste treatment technologies and equipment have become more and more important. Volatile organic compounds (VOCs) are one of the most common sources of pollution. VOCs have the characteristics of a wide range of sources, a wide variety of types, and a large amount of emissions. At the same time, industry is its main source of production. The scope covers petrochemical, pharmaceutical, food processing, coating, packaging, printing, furniture and other industries. VOCs processing technology with stable performance and a wide range of applications has become more and more important and indispensable.


Table 1 Rankun Technology-List of Common VOCs Exhaust Types

Serial number

Type of exhaust

Common ingredients


Painting exhaust

Acetone, butanol, xylene, toluene, ethyl acetate, butyl acetate


Plastic, plastic waste gas

Olefin plastic polymer monomers such as ethylene, propylene, styrene, acrylonitrile, butadiene, etc.


Finalized waste gas dyeing and finishing enterprises, chemical fiber production enterprises

Aldehydes, ketones, hydrocarbons, fatty acids, alcohols, esters, lactones, heterocyclic compounds, aromatic compounds


Chemical organic waste gas

Chemical products produced with the same composition


Printing exhaust

Toluene, non-methane total hydrocarbons, ethyl acetate, ethanol


According to market demand, Rankun Technology deployed the VOCs tail gas recovery market in advance, and at the end of 2018, it will gradually carry out product testing and research and development of VOCs tail gas recovery processing units. And actively participate in various exhaust gas treatment projects in order to help the motherland's 2060 "carbon neutral" industry goals. 


Rankun Technology not only focuses on the research and development of traditional monomer VOCs products, but also focuses on process optimization and improvement. In practice, it hopes to gradually improve existing products through continuous in-depth research, and combine the actual exhaust gas of different chemical, pharmaceutical, and electronic factories. Emissions treatment needs, with appropriate performance and continuously improved product cost-effectiveness, are the core development concepts of enterprise VOCs exhaust gas treatment products.


In the overall VOCs product layout process, Rankun Technology is classified according to the physical and chemical characteristics of different pollutants and emission concentration levels as the product layout guidelines. That is, according to different types of pollutants and different emission concentrations, correspondingly adapted and reasonable product plans are formulated. Let VOCs products bring better treatment effects. At the same time, the combination of recyclable treatment methods and clear treatment methods classification makes the framework of Rankun Technology's VOCs exhaust gas recovery products more reasonable and effective.


Rankun Technology's VOCs product sequence uses single equipment as the product infrastructure, and combines the new exhaust gas concentration treatment range division method to provide corresponding product treatment systems and integrated products for different concentration ranges of exhaust gas conditions.


Table 2 Rankun Technology VOCs single equipment list

Serial number


Single equipment, specifications

Process type


Gas delivery

Roots supercharger

Conveying device

Screw compressors

Liquid ring booster

Blower/Vortex Machine/Vortex Fan


Spray tower

PP, stainless steel



Adsorption box/tower

Adsorbent: activated carbon, molecular sieve, zeolite, high polymer resin cabinet: stainless steel, PP



Falling film absorber

Graphite (tube, round block), stainless steel, silicon carbide



As shown in Table 2, Rankun Technology’s VOCs tail gas recovery monomer products use various towers and boxes as the main and basic products. At the same time, combined with years of vacuum equipment production experience and research and development capabilities, various gas delivery devices have been introduced, which can be widely used in various exhaust gas delivery tasks and needs. For integrated products, Rankun Technology has developed targeted products suitable for different exhaust gases through analysis and process design of different concentrations of waste gas.


At the same time, Rankun Technology not only supports the supply of products, but also provides customers with consulting services for process design in the early stage of the project, and installation and commissioning services in the form of outsourcing in the later stage. The on-site installation and construction will be carried out according to the EPC form. 


At this stage, Rankun Technology provides two types of leading products based on different project experience. The products are vacuum pressure swing adsorption (VPSA) tail gas treatment unit and acid gas treatment and recovery unit.


Among them, the vacuum pressure swing adsorption (VPSA) tail gas treatment unit, based on the traditional PSA process, improves the efficiency of adsorbent desorption through the use of a dry screw vacuum unit, and adds a solvent recovery device, which can be passed through the unit as a whole. In the dry environment of the flow part, high value-added material recovery is carried out. 


Rankun Technology-VPSA Flow Chart


Rankun Technology's acid gas treatment and recovery unit products organically combine the high-performance acid material recovery characteristics of the graphite falling film absorber, and are added through a two-stage spray device to further enhance the acid material recovery ratio and tail gas treatment capacity. At the same time, through the self-made acid material storage tank and purification device, the concentration of the recovered acid material is increased and the material transportation is effectively carried out. 


Rankun Technology-Sour Gas Treatment and Recovery System Flow Chart


If you are currently worrying about the problem of VOCs exhaust gas treatment in your factory, and hope to get an effective solution and a supplier who serves you wholeheartedly as soon as possible, please use the following methods to get in touch with us, I believe you will follow Ran Kun Technology's cooperation will make you feel happy!