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2BE water ring vacuum pump series


Liquid ring/water jet vacuum pump

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    The 2BE1 series of water ring vacuum pumps are high-efficiency and energy-saving products developed by our company on the basis of years of scientific research results and production experience, combined with advanced technology of similar international products, and market research and analysis. 2BE1 series water ring vacuum pump, working medium is clean water at room temperature, adopts single-stage single-acting structure, has the advantages of simple structure, reliable operation, high efficiency and energy saving, and can adapt to harsh working conditions such as large displacement and load shock fluctuations. The pump unit has a horizontal structure, which is convenient for users to install and maintain. According to user needs, there are direct drive, pulley drive and reducer drive.


    After careful manufacturing and perfect quality control, the products have reached the leading domestic level.


    This series of products comply with GB/T 13929-2010 and GB/T 13930-2010 standards.

  • The bearings are all imported bearings to ensure the precise positioning of the impeller and the stability of operation.

    All mechanical seals (optional parts) are imported parts, which fully guarantees long-term operation without leakage. Ran Kun Vacuum Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

    Equipped with a flexible valve plate to avoid over-compression and more energy-saving.

    Equipped with an automatic drain valve to avoid overload starting and make it safer.

    The shaft sleeves are all made of high chromium stainless steel, which has a life span of 5 times longer than that of ordinary materials.

    The pulley (belt drive) adopts a standard high-precision tapered pulley, which is reliable in operation and easy to disassemble.

    All castings are made of resin sand with good surface quality. The surface of the casting does not need to be greased, and the heat dissipation effect is better.

    When the flow parts are made of different grades of stainless steel, they can meet different anti-corrosion requirements.

    When the vacuum pump is running under high vacuum, a cavitation protection device can be installed, which can effectively improve the anti-cavitation ability of the vacuum pump.

  • High reliability and easy maintenance Rankun Vacuum Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

    Low operating cost

    low noise

    Even if it runs without working fluid, the pump body will not be damaged

    Special materials can be provided for corrosive media

    Can provide closed-loop complete sets


    model Speed ​​r/min Motor power kW Ultimate vacuum degree mbar Maximum pumping rate m3/h Pump weight kg (complete machine)
    2BE1 151-0 1450 15 33 405 469
    2BE1 152-0 1450 15 33 465 481
    2BE1 153-0 1450 18.5 33 600 533
    2BE1 202-0 970 twenty two 33 760 875
    2BE1 203-0 970 37 33 1120 1065
    2BE1 252-0 740 45 33 1700 1693
    2BE1 253-0 740 75 33 2450 2215
    2BE1 303-0 590 75 33 4000 3200
    2BE1 353-0 590 160 33 5300 4750
    1. The motor power selected above can work under most working conditions. If the exhaust port pressure is high (0.02~0.05MPa), the motor power should be increased accordingly; for example, the shaft power of the 2BE1 vacuum pump is small when it is working normally, and the motor power close to the shaft power can also be selected, which is more energy-saving.
    2. The temperature of the working fluid of the water ring vacuum pump has a great influence on its performance, and the performance curve of the water ring vacuum pump is measured at a water temperature of 15°C. Therefore, in the actual selection, the pumping rate should be corrected by the water temperature.