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Liquid ring/water jet vacuum pump

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    2BV series water ring vacuum pump is a high-efficiency and energy-saving product developed by our company on the basis of many years of scientific research results and production experience, combined with advanced technology of similar domestic products, and after market research and analysis. As a new generation product, 2BV series water ring vacuum pumps will meet the needs of customers with its outstanding performance and many advantages.

    2BV series water ring vacuum pumps are mainly used to pump gas that does not contain solid particles and is insoluble in water. Widely used in petroleum, chemical, pharmaceutical, electric power, metallurgy, and environmental protection industries. At the same time, it is also used in container vacuuming, condenser vacuuming, water extraction systems, plastic forming (degassing), hospital sterilization, central suction and beverage filling Production lines and other industries.

  • Compact design, simple structure, easy installation, low maintenance
    main component:
    Safe, reliable, and at the same time
    When there are high requirements for safety and reliability in actual operation, 2BV has unparalleled advantages. This series of pumps can be made of different materials or combinations of materials, including stainless steel, bronze, ceramic, cast iron and ceramic lining. According to specific process requirements, different materials can be selected to ensure that they are not corroded. In terms of quality, our company's 2BV liquid ring pumps are simple and reliable: the stainless steel shaft with both strength and toughness and optimized lubricant channels ensure that they can operate safely even under the most extreme load and require little maintenance.
  • Mechanical seal to ensure no leakage;
    Integrated machine and pump, saving installation space;
    Cavitation protection extends service life;
    The operation is stable, and the noise can be as low as 62 decibels;
    Flexible exhaust port design avoids over-compression and is more energy-saving;
    The corrosion-resistant design of the whole pump (including the pump shaft) is suitable for more demanding applications;
    The casting adopts precision casting technology, beautiful appearance and good heat dissipation performance.
  • Adopting the impeller cantilever design, the structure is simple, compact, and space saving;
    Equipped with anti-cavitation valve to prevent cavitation damage during high vacuum operation;
    Stable and reliable operation, low noise, no need to configure silencer;
    Oil-free design, low water consumption, good for environmental protection;
    The flow parts are made of various materials, which can adapt to the requirements of different working conditions.