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Powder drying screw vacuum system


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    Screw vacuum pump customized system solution

    Rankun Vacuum provides a full range of vacuum pump systems for various pharmaceutical companies, which are used in processes requiring vacuum, such as drying, crystallization, concentration, and filtration. In the past few years, the innovative technology of vacuum pumps has undergone some changes, especially in the pharmaceutical industry. Companies began to shift from steam and water circulation systems to dry and mechanical vacuum systems. This is because dry vacuum pumps can bring simpler operating costs and more efficient processing efficiency.

    Rankun Vacuum is one of the earliest companies in China that introduced dry screw vacuum pumps. Due to the innovative structural design of the dry screw vacuum pump, a single pump can reach the ultimate vacuum of 10 ² Torr. In addition, dry screw vacuum pumps also have some other significant advantages:

    1. Excellent performance-stable pumping speed from medium to high vacuum to atmospheric pressure, rapid vacuum establishment, ultimate vacuum up to 10¯²Torr;

    2. Stable and reliable-long-term operation and maintenance-free ability in the harsh chemical and pharmaceutical industries

    3. Environmental protection and energy saving-there is no oil and water in the pump cavity, which is convenient for material recovery, high efficiency, low energy consumption, and avoids sewage treatment;

    4. Easy maintenance-integrated modular supply, which can realize one-key automatic operation

    One of the main advantages of the ReM dry screw vacuum pump is that it can recover 100% of the solvent in the process.

    The twin-screw design of Rankun Vacuum's dry screw vacuum pump can effectively treat low-boiling condensed gas media, and can also use the exhaust heat exchanger matched with the pump for solvent recovery.

    ReM dry screw vacuum pumps have excellent performance in the process of the harsh pharmaceutical industry.

    The processing of gaseous corrosiveness, multi-solvent, multi-dust and other process points in the vacuum of pharmaceutical companies; ReM screw vacuum pumps have been proven to be products of excellent quality through long-term reliable operation. The application cases in the process of anti-corrosion dry screw vacuum pumps have been very mature, and the latest self-draining design of ReM makes ReM screw pumps more suitable for dusty and multi-solvent processes through internal changes.

    We are positioned as a supplier of system solutions rather than just equipment suppliers. We have a series of standard vacuum systems, and engineers will configure dry screw vacuum pumps or other vacuum systems suitable for your process for your process. In each vacuum process, the variables of vacuum application requirements, the difference in process parameters, the requirements of operating habits, and the specifications of the local environmental system are all factors that we need to consider when customizing the vacuum system. We will combine the above factors to provide suitable The system plan for the process improves the product performance and service life of the equipment. Ran Kun company has full confidence in the quality and operation of the products and can ensure long-term effective operation.


    Water ring vacuum pump customized system solution

    The 2BW series closed-circuit complete set is based on 2BV, 2BE1 water ring pumps as the main engine, and auxiliary equipment includes: gas-liquid separator, heat exchanger, shared chassis, internal pipelines and other integrated skid-mounted units. It can be individually designed and manufactured according to the characteristics of different working conditions to meet the requirements of the working conditions.

    The unit is well-configured to adapt to different usage requirements. Equipped with a heat exchanger to realize a closed loop of working fluid. Suitable for sucking polluted and toxic gases.

    The working fluid can be water or various chemical solvents, which greatly reduces the environmental pollution of the chemical industry.

    If the pumped medium is used as the working fluid, the pumped medium can be recovered.

    Equipped with a gas-liquid separator, which can effectively separate the gas-liquid mixture discharged by the vacuum pump. After the liquid is cooled by the heat exchanger, it will flow back to the vacuum pump through the self-priming force of the pump as the circulating working fluid of the pump. The gas passes through the outlet of the separator. Discharge to a designated place.

    Liquid level control can use manual, electric, mechanical automatic liquid level control and other options to meet different needs.

    Equipped with local instruments and electric control box, can realize automatic and manual operation.



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