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RMX single-stage rotary vane vacuum pump series


Rotary vane vacuum pump

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    RMX series rotary vane vacuum pumps are ideal equipment for obtaining low and medium vacuum. It is used to pump out ordinary air or inert gas and certain condensable steam. Picture 17.png


    It can work continuously from ultimate pressure to atmospheric pressure.


    RMX series vacuum pumps are single-stage compression and use special oil for sealing, lubrication and cooling.


    RMX series products have been applied more and more in various industrial fields because of their durability, reliability and economy.

  • The optimized length-to-diameter ratio reduces the linear velocity of the blade, prolongs the life and reduces the noise.


    Have the lowest noise level.


    Reduced procurement costs and reduced maintenance costs.


    The latest blade structure design makes it possible to reduce the vacuum when the blade is worn to the limit state to prevent the blade from breaking due to excessive wear and causing major accidents such as damage to the pump body.


    The large-capacity design of the double-sided gas ballast valve can pump a larger amount of condensable gas, such as water vapor.

  • Compact structure, light weight, reliable and durable, easy to install; Ran Kun Vacuum Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.


    Easy to use and maintain, no cooling water (standard type), low operation and maintenance costs; picture 18.png


    The exhaust has no oily smoke and is environmentally friendly;


    The rotor is precisely processed and balanced, with low noise and vibration;


    Small and medium-sized pumps are directly driven by electric motors, and the intake and exhaust ports are connected by international standard pipe threads;


    Medium and large vacuum pump, belt drive, inlet and exhaust adopt international standard flange connection.