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RMD equal pitch dry screw vacuum pump series


RMD Series

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    Dry screw vacuum pump is a high-tech product with very high technical content. It is mainly used in high-purity vacuum process. The vacuum is extremely high and can adapt to harsh working conditions. It has the ability to extract condensable and particulate gas. It is especially suitable for electronics. Chemical and biomedicine fields. The dry screw vacuum pump is a pumping device that uses a pair of screws to perform synchronous high-speed and reverse rotation in the pump casing to produce suction and exhaust. The two screws are adjusted by fine dynamic balance, supported by bearings, and installed in the pump. In the shell, there is a certain gap between the screw and the screw.


    The screw vacuum pump adopts a 4.5-stage variable-lead rotor. The main and driven rotors of the screw vacuum pump adopt the same outer profile, with opposite rotation directions, uniform meshing gap, closed meshing line, good sealing, and high pumping efficiency.


    The screw vacuum pump sucks in gas through the meshing rotation of the main and driven rotors to enlarge the enclosed space of the suction section. After the gas is sucked into the pump cavity, as the pump continues to run, the main and driven rotors are engaged in the spiral meshing rotation. When the enclosed space moves from the inlet end to the exhaust end, the pressure rises steadily, and there is no intermediate exhaust phenomenon; when the enclosed space is connected to the exhaust port, the gas in the exhaust channel recoils into the pump cavity, causing The pressure and temperature of the gas in the pump cavity increase, which brings about airflow noise; as the pump continues to operate, the volume of the enclosed space gradually decreases, and the gas in the pump cavity is continuously discharged. There is no oil lubrication in the pump cavity of this series of screw vacuum pumps, and a clean vacuum can be obtained. When sucking corrosive gas, screw vacuum pump needs anti-corrosion treatment.


    Advanced screw line type

    The gradual screw linear RMD vacuum pump saves more than 30% energy than traditional vacuum pumps, and does not require additional cooling gas to cool the pump cavity.

  • Ultimate vacuum

    With excellent clearance design and continuous compression, a single pump can reach an ultimate vacuum of 0.0075torr (1Pa).



    Use strong corrosion-resistant coating materials;

    The gas ballast valve device reduces the partial pressure of the corrosive gas, which can prevent the corrosive gas from condensing in the pump cavity and further improve the corrosion resistance.


    Cooling effect

    According to the analysis of finite element heat transfer theory, the spiral cooling water jacket that conforms to fluid dynamics is adopted, and the heat exchange efficiency is excellent. The pump cavity maintains a reasonable low temperature to avoid coating damage and reduce the safety hazards of hazardous materials.


    Energy saving

    The design of the variable-pitch screw achieves energy-saving effects and can reduce power consumption by 30%;

    The compression temperature rise is low, and the pump cavity does not need additional gas cooling.

  • Reliable sealing structure

    Lip seal, mechanical seal and gas seal form a triple seal structure;

    Install high-performance mechanical seals specially designed for dry vacuum pumps;

    The excellent and properly pressurized gas sealing device further improves the sealing performance between the gear oil and the pumped gas.

    Smooth discharge structure Ran Kun Vacuum Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

    Optimized design of the flow channel, short process and low resistance;

    Excellent dust and liquid handling ability;

    The pulsation of the exhaust gas is reduced.

    Gear oil cooling water jacket

    Keep the oil temperature low;

    Prevent oil leakage due to high temperature and high pressure of gear oil;

    Prevent the deterioration of gear oil performance due to high temperature.

    Installation of gas ballast valve device

    Reduce the partial pressure of condensable components to prevent corrosion caused by gas condensation.

  • The dry type has no oil and water, no pollution to the process medium, and the material is easy to recycle;

    The single pump has stable pumping speed from medium high vacuum to atmospheric pressure, can quickly establish vacuum, and the ultimate vacuum can reach 1Pa;

    No sewage, no pollution, no waste disposal cost;

    Maintenance-free design, operation and maintenance costs are extremely low, and the entire life cycle cost is minimal;

    The workpiece in the pump cavity is non-contact, stable and reliable, and performs well in the most demanding chemical and pharmaceutical industries.