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RMV variable pitch dry screw vacuum pump series


RMV Series

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    Advanced screw line type

    Advanced screw linearity The self-draining ability of the linear curve of the gradual screw rotor reduces the residence time of the medium in the pump cavity and reduces the damage of corrosive media and dust to the coating and cavity.

    Excellent self-cleaning structure

    The new bottom exhaust structure has no external purge and cleaning function under severe process conditions such as multi-solvents and multi-dust. It can also ensure 100% of the medium in the pump cavity and prevent the residue of the medium in the pump cavity from affecting the coating and the cavity. Corrosion and wear.

  • Ultimate vacuum

    With excellent clearance design and continuous compression, a single pump can reach an ultimate vacuum of 0.0075torr (1Pa).



    Use strong corrosion-resistant coating materials;

    The gas ballast valve device reduces the partial pressure of the corrosive gas, which can prevent the corrosive gas from condensing in the pump cavity and further improve the corrosion resistance.


    Cooling effect

    According to the analysis of finite element heat transfer theory, the spiral cooling water jacket that conforms to fluid dynamics is adopted, and the heat exchange efficiency is excellent. The pump cavity maintains a reasonable low temperature to avoid coating damage and reduce the safety hazards of hazardous materials.


    Energy saving

    The design of the variable-pitch screw achieves energy-saving effects and can reduce power consumption by 30%;

    The compression temperature rise is low, and the pump cavity does not need additional gas cooling.

  • Outstanding exhaust performance

    The bottom exhaust structure has the function of self-removing liquid to ensure 100% liquid discharge;

    Good dust handling capacity;

    Quick exhaust structure;

    The pulsation of the discharged gas is reduced.

    Thin oil lubrication treatment

    Both the positioning end and the free end bearings are lubricated by thin oil, which has good lubrication effect and is convenient for oil change.

    Reliable sealing structure

    Lip seal, mechanical seal and gas seal form a triple seal structure.

    Install high-performance mechanical seals specially designed for dry vacuum pumps.

    The excellent and properly pressurized gas sealing device further improves the sealing performance between the gear oil and the pumped gas.

    Installation of gas ballast valve device

    Reduce the partial pressure of condensable components to prevent corrosion caused by gas condensation.

  • The dry type has no oil and water, no pollution to the process medium, and the material is easy to recycle;

    The single pump has stable pumping speed from medium high vacuum to atmospheric pressure, can quickly establish vacuum, and the ultimate vacuum can reach 1Pa;

    No sewage, no pollution, no waste disposal cost;

    Maintenance-free design, operation and maintenance costs are extremely low, and the entire life cycle cost is minimal;

    The workpiece in the pump cavity is non-contact, stable and reliable, and performs well in the most demanding chemical and pharmaceutical industries.