Sales Assistant

Release time:

2023-12-14 17:02

1. Have more than two years of experience in the sales and documentary of industrial products, and have a general understanding of the pre-sales and after-sales processes of industrial products.
2. Assist sales staff in pre-sale and post-sale coordination, complete the coordination work such as inquiry and quotation and product debugging and warranty.
3. Have good communication skills. A high degree of diligence and dedication.
4. Know the business process of the project, understand the bidding management, and be good at business negotiation.
5. Excellent Korean conversation and writing skills.

Work content:
1. Various daily sales tasks to assist sales staff
2. Sales staff monthly sales report data collection and collation
3. Assist in maintaining customer relationships, and record and report various customer inquiries
4. Completion of the company's internal sales administrative work
5. Properly handle all kinds of communication between the company and the company, individuals and the government