Regional Sales Manager (Number: 5)

Release time:

2023-12-14 17:02

1. Bachelor degree or above in engineering majors such as vacuum, mechanics, electronics, chemical engineering, and automation;
2. More than five years of sales work experience, sales work experience in foreign companies and sales team management experience are preferred;
3. Have the ability to analyze and organize market information; have sensitive observations on the machinery market;
4. Familiar with mechanical equipment and related products;
5. Have the ability to work independently and teamwork spirit;
6. Shanghai citizens or have a stable residence in Shanghai.

Work content:
1. Understand the trend of the machinery and equipment market, and be responsible for market information mining.
2. Maintain good customer relationships and provide timely feedback on any customer issues.
3. Have certain engineering process knowledge, be able to recognize drawings, and be able to select and recommend a vacuum system solution suitable for the customer's process end according to the specific vacuum system application.
4. Tender formulation and bidding work.
5. Establish a good performance awareness, report and improve various problems in its own sales performance in time.
6. Formulation and report of monthly personal sales plan.